Bulk Materials Technology

For several years, our Company has been performing intensive measures in the area of pro-ecological systems supporting broadly understood bulk materials technology.

A step in this direction was the conclusion of the contract about General Representative Office in Poland with German company VSR-Industrietechnik GmbH – one of the world leaders manufacturing equipment and installations used in the industry. The systems are applied in many sectors worldwide and are now practically a standard both in the newly constructed and modernised plants of the type. The implementation of such solutions guarantees:

  • Environment protection – reduction of dusting in technological lines ensures improvement of conditions at the plant, reduction of the risk of explosive atmosphere, as well as general improvement of external environment.
  • Improvement in Health & Safety conditions at the workplace – application of the recognised solutions of world leaders in this area, ensures increased technological level of the company, and thus significant improvement in Health & Safety conditions at the workplace.
  • Savings on raw materials – not permitting deposition of remains of raw materials in the installations brings about significant savings in overall material consumption.

Main assortment of the products offered includes:

VSR – Blaster ® – system of air cannons automatically removing jams and deposits of bulk materials. Basic scope of application:

  • removal of stacks and bridges in funnels, silos, bunkers, dumps, etc.
  • removal of growth and remains of materials in piping installations, heat exchangers and centrifugal filters.
  • capable operation of systems in cement plants, lime plants, mines, power plants and CHP plants (also in the range of high temperatures – over 1100oC temp. medium)

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Dustex ® – system for reduction of bulk material dusting using physic-chemical properties of water mist (phenomenon of dispersion and coagulation of particles).
The solution is particularly effective for prevention of dusting in industrial installations operating in crushing, milling, sorting, loading plants and plants making heaps of various mineral materials, ores, coal, biomass, etc. The system is particularly recommended where the application of traditional dedusting using textile filters is difficult, costly, and often hardly effective or unfeasible. An important advantage of the installation in the possibility of its use also in winter, as mist does not freeze.
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Apart from the equipment presented above, we also encourage you to draw attention to other products offered by our Representative Office, such as:

  • CAREX ® – systems for sealing belt conveyors,
  • VIBREX ® – scrapers for belt conveyors,
  • LINEX ® – centring rollers for belt conveyors.

If you are interested in any of the items above, we will be glad to provide more information.

Our offer comprises complex solution for a particular problem. We are preparing a project, carry out equipment delivery, assembly, start-up, staff training and provide services under guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

We hope that our solutions and creative methods for performance and financing contracts will allow us for establishing a closer cooperation between our companies, to which you are welcome.