VSR BLASTER – VSR BLASTER – Auxiliary equipment for silos and bunkers, also applied for cleaning heat exchangers in the area of high temperatures

VSR-Blaster air cannons automatically eliminate jams and deposits.

Air cannons with isobaric hot jets with small air injectors called ERPULSOR, serve for automatic removal of material remains from various types of surfaces.

Scope of application:

  • removal of stacks and bridges in funnels, silos, bunkers, dumps, and vessels with capacity of over 10.000 m3.
  • removal of growth and remains of materials in piping installations, heat exchangers and centrifugal filters.
  • capable operation of systems in cement plants, mines, power plants and CHP plants, also in the range of high temperatures (over 1100oC temp. medium)

Direct proof for high efficiency (with easy installation and control) of the proposed VSR Blaster and ERPULSOR system is the fact that currently, there are over 25,000 such devices. Air cannons can be applied as cheap equipment for newly created installations, and can also be installed, without any problem, in already operated equipment.

The assortment of our deliveries includes VSR Blaster air cannons in sizes from 12 to 500 l, and air injectors ERPULSOR 2 and 5 l.

Photos of service are shown in the gallery.