Water dispersion phenomenon in the service of ecology.

Dusting reduction using water mist

Ultrasound nozzles, activated with compressed air in special resonance chambers, break water drops into particles 10 times smaller than in regular water installations with nozzles. Micro-mist is thus created. Owing to such fine structure of the mist, it penetrates very well and it binds to dust particles. Effectiveness of the process is so high that often 1 litre of water is enough to reduce dusting of 1 tonne of material. Low water pressure and compressed air pressure (up to 4 bar) perfectly limits on-going operating costs of the system.
Owing to application of specialist control cabinets, the variability of available nozzles and domes, as well as owing to the experienced and numerous staff including designers and contractors, we can guarantee reduced dusting to the values applying in relevant regulations regarding both environment protection and workstations.

Standard application of DUSTEX system includes: dumping points, breakers, crushers, sieves, tipplers, making heaps and loading material onto wagons or lorries. In most cases, with rather simple and cheap methods one can achieve dust content below permissible standards and regulations.

DUSTEX ® – System of water dispersion for mist reduction of industrial dusts

Advantages of DUSTEX mist nozzles

  • Reduction of the volume of dust generated reduces the risk of dangerous explosion zones.
  • Water mist reduces the probability of effective sources of ignition
  • No mud is created, brick lining does fall out, as there are no sudden changes to its temperature
  • There is no water surplus: all water optimally evaporates
  • Greater efficiency of the electro-filter
  • Simple assembly, variable setting of the shape of mist plume, quick maintenance
  • High reliability owing to low water pressures and smaller consumption of the medium.

Use of regular utility water. Costly dedusting equipment is redundant.

Water and compressed air consumption

There are various types of mist nozzles where water consumption depends on the pressure and ranges within 5 – 120 l/h. Water pressure is regulated within the range of 0.3 – 1.5 bar od overpressure. Frequent values are 25 l/h at 0.5 bar of overpressure in the case of medium-size nozzle.

Consumption of compressed pressure amounts to 5 – 12 Nm3/h within the overpressure range of 2 – 4 bar.

Operation in winter

Generally, it is known that mist drops with the size below 20 µm do not freeze. This also refers to DUSTEX method that can also be applied in temperatures below zero. The danger of freezing exists exclusively during the downtime of the equipment, hence after stoppage, it must be automatically emptied of water. During operation, control cabinet and pipes with water must be heated or insulated. We have materials for insulation and heating.

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