Dedusting installations

dedusting installationThe problem of environment protection, including dusting reduction in the processing of bulk materials, has always been among our core business. Starting from classic solutions using filtration technique, we passed through to methods effectively preventing “unorganised emissions”. In these solutions, we use dispersive and coagulation properties of water mist in the environment of fine dust particles. Dust subjected to impact of fine water particles (10-20 µm) easily binds together forming larger and heavier particles that thus lose their emission properties and fall on the main material stream (e.g. conveyor belt dumps). Among solutions applied, there is dusting reduction system DUSTEX by VSR-GmbH, more information on which is provided in tab “Bulk Materials Technology” (VSR-GmbH products).

This method has special application in the coal and biomass incineration systems as a solution that efficiently reduces dusting, thus reducing the probability of explosive mixture, and reducing the risk of an effective source of ignition.

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